8 year old killed a baby girl

RIA news agency informs that according to the local police press office this awful story happened in the Tselinny village (Novosibirsk region, Iskitimsk district). On Sunday – as press releases say – about 18:30 an eight year old boy stabbed a three year old girl at the playground. “Before the murder the boy’s sister quarreled with this girl,” police says about the murderous impulse. “The kid says that’s why he killed the girl.”

Police thinks the boy is probably mentally ill, and his mother is also on file of the local asylum. The investigation is not yet closed.

It can be added that almost the same crime took place in 2005: a ten year old boy killed a 5 year old kid in Volno-Nadezhdinskaya village. Both boys played together near their homes, and then in the evening locals found the smaller boy’s body in a nearby gutter. The policemen talked to the 10 year old child and he confessed he had pushed the neighbor into the water when the younger one had started teasing him.

In May 2008 in Argentina two brothers (7 and 9 years old) admitted a murder of a two year old Milagros Belisan near Buenos Aires. The girl’s body was found on May 18 at the Almirante Brown village. The killers beat the baby and choked her to death with a TV cable. The local detectives suspected an employee of one nearby bar, but soon the mother of one of the boys came to the police and said what her child had told.

These kids said the murder was like a game for them. Police also talked to the witnesses who saw two boys beating the girl and taking her to a wasteland.

Russian law provides criminal responsibility from 14 years, so younger killers cannot be prosecuted. For example, in July 2008, 10 year old boy who had stabbed his own granny was imposed with a penalty of psychic lessons only.

Balahta region’s court sent the 10 year old killer to the local youth crime center where he’d spent 10 days with psychologists.

“A child cannot be prosecuted as a criminal, so we have to dismiss the charge,” prosecutor's office says.

As the files tell, 70 year old ex-teacher’s cruel murder happened on April 16, 2008 in Balahta city. The kid had a quarrel with his grandmother, took a knife and stabbed her 13 times. The woman died.

Balahtin’s detectives opened a criminal case when they found the body. It turned out the old woman’s grandson (raised by her) was involved into the murder. A special mental examination confirmed the boy’s psychic and social problems though he had not been on any police or hospitals’ files and studied in an ordinary school. The case was closed on July 17 because the murder was not 14 yet, so he cannot be criminally prosecuted.

Teenagers who are already 11 can be punished for high crimes with placing into a special closed school. But as the little killer is not 11 yet he received only a course of psychic lessons. Now the criminal will be taught that killing is not good. After this he will be returned to his mother.

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