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Orenburg: teacher of the dead girls commits suicide

Marina Borodina, the form mistress of the five girls who died because of the schools’ collapse, committed suicide. It happened last night. “She worked here in our school for fifteen years, and these terrible events have affected her a lot. She used to be our head-teacher and led the class where these girls studied,” the principal of the school Larisa Tsepovod says. This morning 43-year teacher’s body was found by her husband in the car garage.

Ministry of Public Health and Social Development informs that the children injured due the Orenburg school’s collapse are receiving all needed medical care. “We are following the assistance which is given to the injured,” claims the Ministry.

Local Ministry of Public Health states the tragedy took place on Wednesday by 11:50 (local time). The second and third floor structures of the Belyaevka’s upper school collapsed due to repair works.

“Five kids died, four people including three children were injured,” Ministry of Public Health and Social Development confirmed.

“There were cracks under the entrance. The workers informed the principle, the principle called the local constructions deputy and architect. They arrived, checked the cracks and decided to evacuate the building. They ringed 10 minutes before the classes were over, the kids were evacuated. All school was cleared but eight girls (11 form) hid on the 3rd floor instead of leaving the building,” Orenburg region’s Minister of Education Alexander Kovalev declares.

Local Ministry of Public Health had made a special office which helps to eliminate effects of the tragedy.

Belyaevssky central district hospital immediately sent ER groups. Trauma specialists and neurosurgeons from the region clinical hospital, local children hospital’s reanimation team, the pediatric surgery center’s groups, Orenburg ER, psychotherapeutics and forensic experts also arrived.

The press release states all injured were delivered to the local hospital by ER cars. The school was built in 1963-64 for 800 pupils. The public prosecution office files criminal charges upon the collapse (art.216 Criminal Code: violation of safety rules during mountainous, construction or other types of works). This article provides for the ultimate punishment of deprivation of liberty up to 7 years’ imprisonment.

The collapse of Orenburg region’s school which caused 5 kids’ deaths happened when the window frames were being changed. “The school was being facelifted and kept educating at the same time. They changed the roof entirely and were changing wooden frames for plastic. They pulled this frame in the hall and it all collapsed,” said the State Mining and Industrial Inspectorate’s specialist.

“Five dead bodies and three yet alive people were recovered,” local employees of Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response inform.

The school cannot be rebuilt and will be demolished as Belyaevsky region administration states to RIA news agency.

“We cannot use this school anymore. The building is wrecked and will be demounted,” local administration representative says. “This school was the only one in the district, and the question of future lessons is being decided by the region Ministry of Education.”

“The funeral of the five girls who died because of the school collapse will be covered by local budget. Locals will also organize the welfare.” This news was made public by Igor Dmitrachkov, the spokesman of Orenburg’s governor. The exact sums are not discussed yet. “The amount of financial support will be estimated by October 2,” Dmitrachkov supposes.

Orenburg’s governor Alexei Chernyshev has cancelled his official journey and left to Orenburg from Moscow to participate in the investigation, Orenburg’s local web site informs.

At the moment the first Governor’s deputy Sergey Grachev, Vice Governor Yuri Trofimov and local ministers are in Belyaevka. From 4 to 6 pupils have been admitted to the hospital according to different sources. 800 people were evacuated from the building. The list of pupils is being checked. Rescue workers think most of the students could leave for home by themselves or with their parents.

Belyaevsky region administration representative states they cannot use this school anymore. “The building is wrecked and will be demolished,” he insists.

All ruins have already been cleared as RIA news agency informs. “Belyaevka district center office is having the hearings concerning the elimination of effects of the tragedy. This is controlled by Vice governor Sergey Grachev,” local region’s press office representative adds.

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